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Darrell Lyons & Family

Hi!   I'm Darrell.
I've been fishing this area for 25 years and have been a professional guide for the past 11 years. In addition to occasionally writing an article for fishing magazines, I also work with two local radio stations to broadcast reports on fishing Toledo Bend Reservoir. I have worked with Kick 'n Bass (fish attractant) and Rod Bob to do presentations at Bass Pro Shop and have also done basic bass fishing classes with them. Come join me on beautiful Toledo Bend Lake or "Big Sam" Rayburn Reservoir for some great fishing and a memorable experience.
I'd like you to meet my family...
I love to hunt and fish and I'm very thankful I have the opportunity to do it professionally. I'm even more fortunate to have a family that enjoys these sports, too. My wife, Jeannine, enjoys fishing and my boys, Chase and Dylan enjoy hunting and fishing, too. It's great to be able participate in something I enjoy so much and get the satisfaction of seeing my kids have such a great time at it, too.

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Dylan with 11.48# Official Junior Lake Record for Largemouth Bass

Darrell W. Lyons
120 Creekside Drive
Hemphill, Tx 75948
Telephone: (936) 201-7534

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