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Current Fishing Report for Toledo Bend Lake

Toledo Bend Reservoir Fishing Report
July 1, 2013

ToGay Norton

BCCLenderman Patti

Mid Lake and South End


BASS ~ Good. Start early with a Ribbit floating frog around vegetation. For best results use the Stanley double hook. Fish the frog on a TFO 7'3" med/heavy rod with a high speed reel spooled with Fins PRT 40lb. braid. As day warms up move out to deep humps and points in 24-35 ft. of water and fish the Strike King 6XD in Tennessee shad on a TFO 7'6" med/light rod for maximum depth the on the crank bait. Pair this with 30lb. Fins windtamer on a low speed reel like the Revo Winch. The other crank bait of choice is the 10XD in blue/chartreuse. For this bigger crank bait go to the TFO 7'9" medium paired with the Revo Winch and Fins 30lb.windtamer. The longer rods allow the crank bait to dive deeper and puts less stress on the user. Night time bass are excellent right now on Texas rigged 12" worms 1/2 oz. or 3/4 oz. black emerald or black grape will produce best. Fish these worms on a TFO 7'3" heavy or extra heavy rod and Fins PRT braidin 65lb. test.

CRAPPIE ~ Fair. Best on shiners over brush in 15-28 ft. of water. The best crappie fishing is at night over brush or around bridges.

CATFISH ~ Excellent over baited holes. Use sweet feed or soured chicken scratch to bait with. In 18-40 ft. of water use Catfish Charlie and catch away!


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