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Photography / Sightseeing

Comfortable and leisurely sightseeing and photography trips on the lake

Swampy area with large Cypress Toledo Bend Reservoir and adjacent areas offer excellent opportunities for sightseeing and nature photography. The lake washes up into swampland and splashes against cliffs through its nearly 90 miles of length and over 1,200 miles of shoreline. The area is in a major flyway for migrating birds and is largely surrounded by forest. On the Louisiana side, much privately owned timberland fronts the lake while the Texas side has Sabine National Forest abutting a large portion of the lake. The huge tracts of unused land and the area's low population density mean clean, clear waters and an abundance of wildlife. Rocky bluff shoreline
That's no 'Stranger on the Shore' - that's a 'gator
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On Toledo Bend Rustic scene Heron
Sunset on Toledo Bend Moonlight on the Bend Sunrise on Toledo Bend
Is this Candid Camera Can't you see I'm sleeping Here's lookin' at you, kid

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