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What's a guided fishing trip like?

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Getting an early start


To begin our day we'll meet for breakfast either at Toledo Bend Cottage or Huxley Bay marina's Restaurant to initialize our plan of attack. Departing at safe light, we'll be on our way to the first fishing hole of the day and will usually witness a spectacular sunrise. Depending upon the time of year and weather, we may trailer to our destination; remember, Toledo Bend Lake is over 80 miles long!
After a morning of fishing, we normally return to the cottage or marina for lunch, to stretch our legs, and prepare for the afternoon's fish. However, sometimes we may prefer to carry a packed lunch and stop at any number of shore sites along the lakeside.

A 10.10 pound bass for Greg
10.10 pound bass

Getting them ready for some great eating!

At the end of the afternoon of fishing, I'll dress and package your fish for you. Although I strongly recommend practicing catch-and-release for black bass, I'll be happy to dress the fish you wish to keep.

So, while you plan your trip, remember this - I'll always be "checking out the situation" to insure that your trip is a memorable one.
You will have a memorable trip
This one would make anyone smile nice stringer of Crappie

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