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Toledo Bend Reservoir Fishing Report
December 2, 2015

In December the average high runs around 60 degrees and the average low is around 40 degrees. Subsequently, you need to take precautions when you are on the water this time of year. Wear appropriate clothing that will keep you warm and dry but not too bulky, which will restrict your movement or weigh you down. The advancement in outdoor protective clothing available now is well worth the money in order to have a comfortable, safe and dry day on the water. Keep an extra change of clothing handy in case you accidentally fall in the water, and always wear a life jacket. Make sure you let someone know what part of the lake you will be fishing in case something goes awry; whether you break down, or have an emergency and don’t have a cell signal to call for assistance. Be prepared for the worst conditions you might encounter and hope for the best. Unfortunately, all too often we see tragedies that could have been avoided by just using some common sense or heeding a warning.

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Here on Toledo Bend, we’re fortunate to be able to fish year round and

December is a prime month to fish for our world renown Crappie and our prolific schools of White Bass. If you are looking to stock up your freezer, December is a good month to do so.

Black Bass: When the water temperature starts dropping below 50 degrees the metabolism of bass starts to slow down conserving energy. Bass will become less active immobilizing themselves in deep water where the temperature variances remain fairly stable. In general, the most productive lures for fishing this time of year are the jig and pig, soft plastics, large deep diving crank baits and spoons. Jigs in black/blue, brown/amber and camo are usually good choices. Craw-worms in reds, greens and pumpkin are effective and deep diving crank baits in shad and crawfish colors work well. Also, a ½ to ¾ oz jigging spoon vertically fished over deep-water humps can be very productive. The key is to fish slowly to trigger a bite.

The Crappie will be holding on the ledges and drops along the old river channel. Concentrate fishing vertically over natural or man-made cover. Shiners or jigs work best.

The Whites will be holding on the north end sandbars. Concentrate on the inside bends along the old river channel. Use your electronics to find the baitfish and you will usually find the Whites. Slab spoons, tail spinners and Rat-L-Traps work best.

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