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Toledo Bend Reservoir Fishing Report
June 21, 2015

Toledo Bend has been ranked the number one fishery in the country by Bassmaster magazine.

Taken from the Shreveport Times:

“Toledo Bend topped as many as 230 potential fisheries to be named the best-of-the-best according to “Bassmaster” Magazine editor James Hall.

“To uncover the country’s top bass fishery, Bassmaster officials polled fish and wildlife departments across the country, hundreds of BASS Nation presidents and conservation directors and the 600,000 BASS Facebook fans to come up with a master list of venues to consider.

After researching data on the Internet, the list of candidates is sent to the 3,500-member BASS Council Panel.

“It’s a very elite group of anglers from across the country who fish a lot,” Hall said. “They helped organize the top 100 into what we felt was a solid ranking. To put an exclamation and polish on the final list, I have a group of about 15 people — kinda of a blue-ribbon panel of industry guys, media and anglers — who fish all over the country, who look it over. Some lakes moved up, some moved down. Everyone signed off on it.”

July 2015 Forecast:

The rain just keeps coming. Heavy rains and high water have been the norm this whole year with the lake running over high pool or at high pool levels. Subsequently, the north end of the lake has been stained to muddy especially when SRA opens the gates to pull the lake. This creates a current and will pull the muddy river water further in the lake.

As most of you know, when the lake muddies up, the bass bite slows way down and most of us go searching for cleaner water. As one old timer once told me years ago, …..when the lake muddies up all the grit and mud passes through the gills of the fish, it makes them feel like we do when we have the flu. Not sure if it’s a biological fact, but it sounds good to me.

This time of year we are throwing almost everything in our tackle box. Saying that, in actuality during the heat of the day, we’re actually using two main baits, a deep diving crank bait like a DD 22 or DD 30 and a large 10” soft plastic worm like the Mr. Twister Hang 10 worm. Redbug, is usually a good color.

Early morning we’re working shallow water with vegetation close to deep water. On the north end of the lake during the drought, many of the shallow humps and ridges became covered with buck brush and willow trees. Now that the lake is up these ridges are easily visible and subsequently hold a lot of fish. We’re throwing numerous lures included but not limited to, top water plugs, frogs, buzz baits, spinner baits, shallow diving crank baits, Rat-L-Traps, jigs and finesse plastics. If the bite slows down we’re backing out to deeper water and mainly throwing deep diving crank baits and large ten to twelve inch plastics on Texas or Carolina rigs. We’ll target numerous types of structure and cover from main and secondary points dropping into deep water. Creek and river channel ledges and drops and deep -water humps. Use your electronics to locate the bait- fish and the thermo cline. Many fish will suspend just above the thermo cline, which is the coolest portion of the water scale.

The White Bass will be moving all over the lake this time of year chasing shad. Watch for schooling fish along boat lanes, timber- lines, main lake points and flats close to the river channel. Keep a Rat-L-Trap, shallow diving crank bait or top water plug handy when they start schooling. When they go down, throw a slab spoon or tail spinner.

Crappie are holding in 20 to 25 ft of water over and in brush tops and main lake humps.

Correction: Please note in my last month report, I inadvertently referred to the Lunker program that gives replicas for any bass caught over ten pounds on Toledo Bend as the “Share A Lunker” program, when in fact, the replicas and the program are sponsored by the Toledo Bend Lake Association-Lunker Program in which 81 bass over ten pounds were turned in and received free replicas last year. The Share A Lunker program is a Texas program and the fish must weight over 13 pounds to receive a free replica.

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