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Summertime Fun - Safely

As A guide I have the opportunity to see many different things on the Lake. And, having been through the Coastguard boating courses, there are many things we could get into but, the easiest thing to say is "courtesy and common sense."

The issue of courtesy is one you hear all the time. Probably more in the Summer time because of the recreational traffic; you know, water skies and the very popular personal water crafts(jet skies). Both of which I enjoy very much! Inevitably though, you see people who insist on spraying swimmers or chasing boats to jump wakes.Doing these things are rude and, unfortunately, sometimes fatal. This is where the old saying, "Do unto others as you would have done to you" comes into play. Common sense tells us, "You don't cut off a freight train." So why would you cut in front of a speeding boat? As a rule of thumb, a vessel (boat) traveling 10 knots travels 1,000 feet per minute and has no brakes!! So why take the chance.(one knot is = to 1.2 mph for those who were curious)

Another issue is fishing/skiing areas. Some lakes are wide open; others, like Toledo Bend, have limited skiing areas due to standing timber. So there has to be a compromise. Fisherman should not expect water sports enthusiasts not to play so they can fish. It becomes a give and take. If there are fisherman in the area, skiers/jet skiers should stay clear. And fisherman should not expect skiers or water craft people to leave so they can fish.

Here in Texas a boaters education course is required for minors to operate any vessel on Texas water ways. I would recommend it for everyone.

Let's talk a little about the right of way for boats on the water. Sail boats and boats propelled by oars or paddles have the right of way over motor boats. When meeting another boat it's like a car, stay to the starboard (right) side when passing. Now, when entering the channel(boat lane) or turning into the channel (boat lane)the vessel in the channel is called the privileged vessel and holds their speed and course. So, you must slow down or turn to give the right of way. And when in creeks or bayous with lotsof bends, hold to the right side.

Something else to consider is slowing to an idle in high pressure fishing areas; this is courteous and may preventsomeone who is not paying attention from pulling in front of you.

It should go without saying that alcohol and motor vehicles do not mix and that includes boating.

If you have any questions about boating safety the Coast Guard offers a toll free line 1-800-368-5647. I am going to close with a question and some definitions all vessel operators should know. Have a safe and adventurous summer!

What are the 2 colors used on the bow lights? (red and green)

vessel- every description of watercraft used or capable of being used as means of transportation on the water.

bow- front of vessel.

stern-rear of vessel.

starboard side- right side of vessel.

port side- left side of vessel.

right of way-the right and duty to maintain course and speed.


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