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Fish Attractants - Gimmick or Necessity

In the fishing world everybody is looking for that secret bait. While most anglers have just what they are looking for right beside them, it is all too often over looked or walked right by. It is fish attractants!

There are as many brands as there are scents on the market today. The biggest question you hear is why use scents? There are several reasons if you think about it.

Lets look at what we do before getting to the lake. Gassing the boat, adding oil, the soap we use, not to mention road grime. All these things leave residue which transfer on to our lures. Attractants aren't just for plastics either. The fact is if you can get a fish to hold a bait just a second longer you have a better chance at catching that lunker fish.

There are three basic scent applicators: aerosol, pump sprayer, and the squeeze bottle. The pump sprayer is the most practice out of the three because it will not loose pressure like an aerosol and still gives a fine mist unlike the squeeze bottle.

Now unlike the applicators the list of actual scents is as long as Zooms color chart! This creates a great debate which one to use; garlic shad, crawfish, how do we choose? Some say it depends on your bait choice. This I would have to debate with because what you are doing is covering up foreign scents. Because if you think about it how many garlic scented natural crawfish have
heard of? But garlic scent is one of the best!

What I recommend is find an attractant you like and go with it. This creates a confidence level in you and you will use the scent and catch more fish. Out of all the attractants I have used I prefer Kick'n Bass original. If your tackle store doesn't carry it give them a call at 1-800-605-BASS.

The other issue we have is scent impregnated worms. These are great fresh out of the pack if your hands don't have some other residue on them like we discussed earlier. But one we forgot to mention is sunblock, which is usually applied later in the day. So give your bait of choice a squirt of scent and watch your catch numbers increase!


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