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February - Crankin for Bass

It's early February and here in East Texas the water has started to warm. By this time, unless we have some severe fronts come in, the majority of bass anglers are thinking shallow water jigs, Carolina rigs or other soft plastics. But, there are those of us who know the value of early spring crankin' as the water temperatures start to rise and the fish move towards spawning areas.

The bass use points and old road beds like highways to get to their spawning areas. So, instead of fighting the crowds along the shores' edges, find these staging areas and crank up some trophy fish! After the water reaches the mid 50's crank baits will catch fish.

Now there is some important equipment you need. The reel is probably the most
important. A slow speed is a must, a 4:1 is what I recommend because very few of us have the patience to reel slowly all of the time. The rod of choice is a 6'6" medium action Castaway crankin' stick. Line size will vary depending on water clarity and depth. Here on Toledo Bend, 14# Stren does the job, most of the time.

The crank baits of choice are Norman Lures DD14 and DD22 and red/black and shad patterns seem to be the best colors. A temperature indicator for surface temperature is a must because a couple of degrees can make a big difference. The water depth will range from 12' to 16'. The best presentation is a slow stop-and-go retrieve. As the day goes on and the sun heats the water, the fish seem to bite better. So, pack a lunch and keep CRANKIN'!!!

The next time you are out and everyone is beating the bank, drop back on a point or old road bed and throw a crank bait.


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