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Are You Ready To Catch Fish?

Hi, I’m Randy Colson...
...your professional fishing guide on Toledo Bend Reservoir.

Come join me for a great day of fishing on one of the largest, most productive, and beautiful man made lakes in the United States.

While I specialize in Bass fishing, I can show you where to find and catch great Crappie and Bream, too. When we fish for pan fish, we'll be downsizing to ultra-lite tackle to get the most action out of the event. And, of course, there is no better eating fish than a crappie or bream. As the seasonal patterns progress, I'll show you where to catch Bass, Crappie and Bream.

Pros / Tournament Fishermen

Guide services for pre-fishing, current conditions and hotspots.

New Anglers / Families

If you have little knowledge or experience of how to cast, set the hook on fish, or play and land fish, I can teach you and get you off to a great start or improve the skills you already have. I have fished all my life and will gladly share my knowledge and expertise with anyone wanting to enjoy the great sport of fishing.

Fishing Toledo Bend Reservoir

Toledo Bend Lake has about 136,000 acres of water surface (depending on lake level). It is a power generating lake built in the mid-sixties by damming the Sabine River. Once the lake came into existence it has been a fish factory for all species of fresh water game fish: Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, Sand, White, and Kentucky Bass. White and Black Crappie are abundant as well as Bluegill and Red Eared Bream. And of course Catfish of many species, Flathead, Opelousas, Blue and Channel Catfish.

The Lake level was a problem for many years due to over generating and/or lack of rain. Thanks to the legislatures of Louisiana and Texas (since Toledo Bend borders both states) a draw down level was established in 2006 that would ensure a more stable lake level and that power generation would not occur beyond the 168 ft. MSL level. The full pool level is 172 ft. The Lake is now 40+ years old and has changed in some respects over that period of time but it is still one of, if not the, best fishery, pound for pound, in the country.


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Big Fish Guide Service
Randy Colson
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Cell 318-332-6800 - Home 318-645-2674

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